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Yacht Supply in Costa Smeralda

Yacht-Supply Brochure

We support yachts, during their cruises in the Mediterranean Sea and during winter time in the shipyard.

Look at us as your onshore crew for delivering the fastest and best food, provisions and even parts. 

Our staff will ensure that your onboard (working) life runs smoothly and comfortably.

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Yacht Supply

Yacht Supply

We know the best places to buy top quality products, and get them to you
fast, even in the middle of the season.
Captain’s, ETOs and engineers across the Mediterranean Sea know they can
rely on Marefun to find the right parts fast at the correct specifications. In most cases
we can also provide you with the specific knowledge or specialist you need.
Our goal is to satisfy and fulfill your every wish, we transform the impossible into possible and without making you wait. The right contacts make all the difference, and we will be your favorite one to enjoy every second of your holiday.

What we offer:
- Reservation of refueling
- Restaurants, hotels and clubs
- Mooring reservation throughout the Mediterranean
- Full Technical assistance
- Crew documentation
- Tender service
- Delivery drinks, foods, only best (local) quality
- Parcel, document reception and delivery
- Party planning
- Rental Cars
-On-site massage and hair-dresser service

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