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Unearth Sardinia's Hidden Gems with Marco: Marefun's Owner's Exclusive Picks

Welcome to Marefun's exclusive guide, meticulously crafted by our owner, Marco. This list unveils Sardinia's most breathtaking destinations, blending hidden gems with beloved hotspots. Experience crystal-clear waters, historic charm, and vibrant culture, handpicked to create unforgettable memories in these paradisiacal settings.

Marco's Favorites


La Maddalena

Sail to La Maddalena's enchanting realm, where crystal-clear blue waters create a serene paradise. Perfect for snorkeling, relaxation, and absorbing the unspoiled beauty of Sardinia.


Isola Di Tavolara

Discover Isola Tavolara, a haven of crystal-clean blue waters offering a unique chance to encounter playful dolphins. Ideal for diving, wildlife watching, and experiencing nature's wonders.


Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci, renowned for its mesmerizing evenings. Witness playful dolphins around 18:00, a near-guaranteed spectacle. Experience the serene beauty of nature in this idyllic setting.


Bonifacio, Corsica

Visit Bonifacio, a stunning town in Corsica, France. Marvel at its majestic cliffs, historic charm, and vibrant marina. A picturesque destination blending culture, beauty, and adventure.


Isola Molara

Isola Molara, also known as Piscine di Molara, is a hidden gem with natural pools and crystal-clear waters. Ideal for snorkeling, discovering vibrant marine life, and enjoying secluded tranquility in a pristine Mediterranean setting.


Caprera Island

Caprera Island, a natural sanctuary. Explore Garibaldi's residence, hike unspoiled trails, and enjoy pristine beaches.

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